Sunday, February 3, 2013

Christ's Poverty, Our Riches

I received Jesus:  The One and Only yesterday and am already in week two!  I can't get enough of Him!  I am being overwhelmed by Truth as if for the very first time!

Sometimes a question in our workbook will just get me thinking in such a way that I can't let go of it; I have to stop and ponder and meditate on it.  The Holy Spirit is such an amazing teacher and brings insight and revelation that is NOT of me!

The question that halted me in my tracks today was this one:  "What does Christ's earthly poverty have to do with us?"  My mind started racing; one thought led to another.  Before I knew it, I was scribbling diagrams and getting cramps from writing as quickly and furiously as I possibly could.  

When all is said and done, it boils down to this:

Jesus existed before time began.  He enjoyed perfect fellowship within the Trinity, sharing completely in the glory of the Godhead.  Yet, He chose to leave the riches and glory of Heaven, to humble Himself and become poor.  Why?  For my sake and for your sake.  It's the "Great Switch,"  Christ's poverty making the riches of God available and accessible to me and you!  

And, oh, what a humbling!  The fullness of God was nailed to a cross by sinful men.

So, Jesus's path led from glory (pre-incarnation) to glory (post-incarnation), but was intersected by the cross.  If He had glory pre-cross, why endure the suffering to get to glory post-cross?  He could have just enjoyed and revelled in His Glory without it ever being disturbed or interrupted.  

Because--and this is where I am just dumbfounded and and in tears--somehow, to Jesus and to God the Father and to the Holy Spirit, glory post-cross is more glorious than glory pre-cross because it includes us!!!  HOW can God esteem us so highly that He would pay that kind of a price to redeem us?!?!  How can He value you and me that much?!?!?!

Oh, I am so acutely aware that I have never known an earthly love that could even come close to this all-consuming, unfathomable, fierce and passionate love of Jesus!  Oh, that I would live my life in a way that is worthy of the high price He paid to redeem me, worthy of that unfailing love, worthy of His call!  May His death never be in vain in our lives!

How thankful I am that my salvation does not in any way depend on me!  Even when I stumble, He never lets go!  Can you even imagine anything better than the moment you will enter eternity and be ushered into His Presence to hear Him whisper, "well done, good and faithful servant!"?!?!  Oh, Amen and Amen....Let it be so!  (And according to 2 Corinthians 1:20, Jesus Himself is the "YES!" and "AMEN!" of God!)  The ONE and ONLY indeed!  Nothing this life has to offer is worth missing HIM!

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