Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hope and Glory from Philippians 1:6

Oh my dear brothers and sisters!  Listen to the beauty contained in this verse:
"For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus."

Isn't that so beautiful?!?!?!  HE started the good work in us (by creating us, sending His Son into the world to die for us, and allowing us to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ).  It's HIS work not mine, and He is able and faithful and wise and loving and He will finish it!!!

That means my best days are NOT behind me.  I might look backwards at what the years have taken, lamenting what the moths and locusts have stolen.  I might look at my current circumstances and think there is no way out.  BUT this verse is telling me the look forward with joy and anticipation because my better days--my best days---are still ahead!  I praise God because He knows what He is doing!  He has a plan and a purpose!  He knows the way out of the mess I'm entangled in, and--hallelujah--He can turn things around in a much shorter time than it took me to mess them up in the first place!  I can dance into the future with great excitement and anticipation!

I've heard it said that God is an artist, and I clearly see that.  But with me, He's been a tattoo artist.  There's one reason I've never gotten a tattoo....I'm afraid of the pain.  But that's what He's using, those needle pricks, that pain, the hurt, the hard things....the loneliness, the rejection, the difficult people in my life, the times I've been left out or wounded or taken advantage of or felt unloved or unworthy or guilty or full of shame, the broken relationships, the trials, tribulations, struggles and unfold beauty in my life.  The hurt is essential to developing my character into exactly who I was designed to be.  Tattoos look really cool when they are done.  In the same way, I am confident....that my life in His hands can and will become a thing of beauty!!!....that the pain is a good kind of pain, that it is serving a purpose and that the final result will be something that was worth hurting for, worth waiting for!  I can't wait to see what He can and will do!  I can't wait to see the unbelievable endings to our stories!  I know we may be in a season of "ouch!" "ouch!" "ouch!" but His grace and peace are with us and surround us in the middle of that!  His promises to us will be fulfilled, and when we look back at the end of our lives, it will look as if this was all planned....because it was!!!

I have such hope because I trust the one who is leading me!  I know He's good and He is taking me somewhere special and I am thrilled to be on this journey and so longing with joy and anticipation and excitement for that final destination to be revealed! 

I just pray that you will be saturated in His love and abundance today!  May all His blessings and riches be yours in full!  May you be so filled up with His Spirit today that you simply cannot contain it, and it spills over everywhere you go!!!!!!!

Love in the one who loved us first,

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