Tuesday, September 17, 2013

BSF Matthew, Lesson 1, Day 6

12.  What truth about Jesus and truth about yourself challenged you this week, and how may your group pray for you about this?
I see abuse.  I see sickness and disease and suffering.  I see anguish and torment of all kinds.  I see hunger and poverty and lack.  I see loneliness and estrangement and depression.  There is so much longing, so much ache, so much brokenness, so much that is not right in this world.  The pain weighs heavy on my heart and soul.  BUT, there is a deeper, greater truth than that which my eyes behold.  I cannot view Jesus through the prism of this world; I must view this world through the prism of Jesus!  The truth of who He is and what He has promised allows me to see the hard things in the light of His goodness and know that it is His goodness that will have the final say.
Please pray that I would have my eyes fixed on Jesus this week: high, holy, lifted up, seated on His throne, victorious, conquering King Jesus.  He still reigns, and for this reason, I can rejoice!!!

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